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A Brand New Look Kicks Off a 250th-Year Celebration at Hartford Public Library

On January 3rd, Hartford Public Library (HPL) kicked off our 250th-year festivities with an official reveal of a brand-new logo and visual identity. The library’s Center for Contemporary Culture was brimming with energy as Mayor Arunan Arulampalam participated in his first press conference since being sworn in on January 1. We were delighted to have him join us in unveiling our library’s exciting new look.

Wednesday’s wasn't just a logo launch; it was a celebration of people, knowledge, and the community value of a library system in its fourth century. In front of a crowd of nearly 100 people, our logo was introduced through an animated video that brought the new brand to life — demonstrating a vibrant tapestry of icons that represent the library’s history, values, and the unique character of our city. 

"This brand is more than just a logo," said Bridget E. Quinn, HPL's President and CEO. "It's a reflection of our rich history, a celebration of our vibrant community, and a glimpse into the exciting future of public libraries."

Mayor Arulampalam echoed the sentiment, praising HPL as "a major milestone for a city older than our nation." He applauded the library's unwavering commitment to innovation and inclusivity, highlighting its role as "the best library system in the country."

The new brand isn't just a collection of icons; it's a vibrant kaleidoscope reflecting the soul of HPL. If you look closely: the "H" isn't just a letter, it's a bridge connecting minds across generations, a silhouette of our majestic skyline reaching for the stars, and a testament to the countless book spines that have sparked imaginations for generations. 

"Developing this brand was a true honor," shared Carissa Decelles, Art Director from Miranda Creative, the agency that guided HPL to develop our new brand. "We worked hand-in-hand with the community and library staff to create a visual identity that celebrates HPL's past while paving the way for a bright future."

This brand launch is just the first in a year of celebrations honoring HPL's 250 years. A year of exciting programs, activities, and celebrations awaits, with a brand-new website dedicated to keeping everyone in the loop.

So, we invite you to join our ongoing story. Step into any HPL branch, explore the 250th-year website, and immerse yourself in the amazing programs, events, and opportunities that happen within our walls. Thank you to our community for creating and fostering the culture that has made Hartford Public Library a valued community institution for generations.


500 Main Street
Hartford, CT 06103

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