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Celebrate with us:

250 years and we’re just getting started.

Become part of the celebration as we commemorate our milestone 250th year. Throughout 2024, Hartford Public Library will be hosting a wide range of programs and activities that honor our legacy and ignite possibilities for what's to come.

So many ways to celebrate this year
— will you join us?

HPL 250 Birthday Party 


1/5 | 2:30 PM

HPL 250 Birthday Party 


1/10 | 3:30PM

HPL 250 Birthday Party 

Camp Field

1/18 | 3:30 PM

HPL 250 Birthday Party 


1/25 | 4:00 PM

HPL 250 Birthday Party 


1/30 | 3:00 PM

HPL 250 Birthday Party 


2/6 | 4:00 PM

HPL 250 Birthday Party 

Park Street

2/7 | 1:30 PM

HPL 250 Birthday Party 


2/12 | 4:00 PM

HPL 250 Birthday Party 

West Middle

2/15 | 4:00 PM

HPL 250 Birthday Party Adult Evening Event
Downtown CCC

2/22 | 5:30 PM

A Brand New Look for HPL

On January 3rd, Hartford Public Library (HPL) kicked off our 250th-year festivities with an official reveal of a brand-new logo and visual identity...

Our 250

Year Journey

We've come a long way since our founding as the Library Company in 1774. Explore our 250 year journey!

Will You Join Hartford Public Library’s 250x250 Challenge?

As part of our 250th-year celebration, we are asking our community to join our 250x250 pledge — HPL is seeking 250 donors to the 250th Anniversary Challenge.

Your support will mean so much to us, and makes opportunities possible for so many, every day.

Hartford Public Library is more than just books. It is a window to knowledge and understanding of the world. Help us open that window even wider by joining the 250x250 challenge!

250 Years 
of Books

Discover selections from our archives, documenting books throughout the past

2.5 centuries.  



500 Main Street
Hartford, CT 06103

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